Transform Legacy System

  • Do you want to provide global access to your legacy system data?
  • Do you want to enhance communication with your customers, partners and employees by web enabling your legacy applications?
  • Do you want to increase the availability and accessibility of your legacy applications?

Many well-established companies still rely on numerous aging and old software (better known in IT terminology as Legacy Systems) for strategic applications. These are often essential applications for the companies since they represent years of accumulated experience and knowledge. However, most of these systems are often fragmented and unable to “communicate” with one another since they were developed independently and at different time frames. As a result, legacy systems prove to be difficult to support and increasingly more expensive to maintain as time goes by.

Vidaltek has the expertise to transform legacy systems such as desktop applications, client-server application, and legacy systems to take advantage of the web. We can work with your company to transform your applications to new systems that conform to your existing business process using the latest technologies, environments, and architecture. Our services include:

  • New platform migration
  • Database back-end migration
  • Web enabling desktop applications, client-server applications
  • Web Services to access Legacy database for web-base applications