Pharmaceutical Applications

We have developed various applications for the Pharmaceutical Industry. One such application is the Compounded Medication Management System (CPMS) for TNLETECH.

Most medication is manufactured in mass quality that is suitable for most patients. However, there are cases when a patient needs “customized medication” for his/her illness. The technical term for this customized medication is Compounded medications or Compound Products. They are made based on a medical doctor’s prescription in which individual ingredients (or drugs – the term ingredient or drug prefers to the same thing in this document) are mixed together in the exact strength and dosage as needed to treat the illness. A typical Compound Product may have several ingredients and a diluent.

CPMS offers features that are needed for tasks ranging from the simplest measurements to guideline-compliant work: monitoring of processes and documentation of Compounded Medications. CPMS is designed to be hosted on a central server to support large companies with many hospitals (with many pharmacies) in different locations.